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In these workshops, you will learn how to prepare different recipes to take care of yourself from the Heart.

WORKSHOP ON 11 , July 2019

Taller “Se feliz comiendo” 1ra versión: No se trata de restar alimentos a tu régimen, sino más bien incluir nuevos.


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We invite you to participate in an entertaining after office, designed especially for women explorers, dreamers and doers, who are in search of a more balanced life in all their roles.

Through various practical methodologies, you will deepen your self-knowledge and approach the world of conscious eating.

What should the assistants bring?
Presence, energy, love and desire to participate to make the most of the female connection.


What will we remember?
• You will recognize your talents.
• List your achievements to identify what works best for you.
• You will have simple tools to define your personal brand.
• You will identify new objectives.
• What is primary and secondary food?
• Self-care techniques.
• Main causes of cravings.
• The body always seeks a balance.
• Easy to replace foods.



Master Business Coach with NLP and International Coach with NLP, certified by the Superior School of PNL and International Coaching Association with NLP. He has served as a Coach and facilitator of different personal and professional development programs for different organizations.

Professional in Business Administration from the IPAE Business School with a Diploma in Finance from the Postgraduate School of the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences, with more than 7 years in charge of the Administration and Finance management of different companies in Peru and Chile.

Student of Meditation Raja Yoga, lover of the scenic arts, mainly the theater, dog lover and food sybarite.


Passionate and happy to accompany and help other women to make peace with food, enjoy it so that they can be healthier from the inside out, so that they live their best life, created by them.
Eating healthy does not have to be boring. Your body and you deserve the best.

Health Coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition, NY USA), Coach in PNL (School Encuentros Chile), Image Advisor (Clinic Studio by Patricia Pita, Uruguay).

Bachelor in Applied Sciences in Hotel and Resort Management, Rochester Institute of Technology, NY-USA. Diploma in Relationship Marketing at the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences, with more than 5 years in charge of different managements in the hotel, banking and services industries in USA, Canada and Chile.

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Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.

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